24W Power Adapter

The 12v 2Amp power adapter is for the Boingfire BFN Series boards, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. It is crafted with precision, resulting in minimal power loss, ensuring energy-efficient and consistent power delivery. Built to last, the adapter is shielded with robust materials, minimizing wear and tear. As a testament to its reliability and quality, it comes fully covered under a generous 3-year warranty when purchased with the system. Experience uninterrupted power and peace of mind with this dedicated adapter for your Boingfire BFN Series boards.

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for BFN Series Boards.
  • Specifications: 12v/2A rating, adaptable with US/EU plugs.
  • Safety Standards: Certified as UL/RoHS compliant ensuring safety and environmental standards.
  • Dimensions: Inner diameter of 2.5 mm, outer diameter of 5.5mm, with a center-positive polarity.
  • Performance: Offers high efficiency with minimal power loss for reliable and energy-saving operation.
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