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Engineering and production solutions designed to tackle real-world challenges.

Explore innovation with our exceptional products.

High Performance

We introduce unmatched systems, characterized by high performance that sets new standards in technological efficiency.

Security Integrated

Experience enhanced protection with our hardware systems, designed to seamlessly integrate advanced security features.

Maximum ROI

Maximize your Return on Investment with our hardware systems, engineered to optimize performance and cost-efficiency.

Ready Systems for Instant Deployment

BFN4KB System Board

4 x RJ45 Ethernet
Enhanced with the inclusion of four Intel i211 Gigabit ports, our system ensures rapid and dependable connectivity.

Power Connector

Our system operates exclusively on a 12V

power input, demonstrating exceptional

efficiency with 5.28W usage under typical

conditions and 1A@12V at full load.

SMA Cutouts

Equip your system with wireless capabilities. through our SMA Cutout inclusion, offering customization for additional cutouts as required.


Expand your application range with our

HDMI port, capable of supporting display

dependent applications up to a resolution of

2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz

External USB Ports

Outfitted with external USB ports including one USB2 and one USB3 our system also offers two additional internal USB interfaces.

Serial Port

System incorporates an RJ45 Serial Port, accompanied by 2 x TTL internal ports, facilitating serial speeds up to 1Mbps.

Rear Power Button

our system is meticulously designed with dual power buttons - a primary switch located at the rear and a discreet pinhole button at the front.

Rear Reset Button

our system is meticulously designed with dual reset buttons - a primary switch located at the rear and a discreet pinhole button at the front.

Start of a new Era.

Success Of BFN4K Systems

In 2023, the BFN4K Advanced Multi-purpose System was introduced, engineered with robust features and specifications designed for superior performance and versatility.

The BFN4K operates on an Intel Atom E3845 processor with a CPU frequency of 1.9GHz. This quad-core processor offers impressive performance, power efficiency, and reliability, ensuring smooth operations even under demanding tasks.

Trusted By Freelancers, IT Service Providers, And Developers Alike, Our Hardware Solutions Alleviate Your Technological Concerns.

Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing with widely recognized open-source projects and commercial applications. We are dedicated to continuous testing and certification of our products to ensure optimal performance

A Blend of Technical and Commercial Insights

Why Boingfire Systems?

Boingfire exemplifies a commitment to addressing real-world cost challenges while meeting the demands for swift system performance. We aim to bridge the gap between cost and technological requirements for large-scale deployments and cost-effective solutions for freelancers, ensuring market needs are met effectively.

Collaborative Designs

Our product is uniquely designed with inputs from both technical and commercial stakeholders for holistic development.​

Safeguarding Your Investment

We offer a three-year extended warranty on our hardware, securing your investment and ensuring uninterrupted operations for you and your customers.

Complimentary Premium Services

We include a suite of premium services, at no additional cost. These visible savings contribute to informed decision-making.


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