Where to Buy

Our system boards are powerful, versatile and customizable, if you’re a customer who needs to make a purchase and are still confused about how it can serve your business requirements, feel free to give us a call. if you want to become our vendor you also have the option down below where we give our distributions to further vendors. 


Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and bring our quality products to the hands of end customers. Contact to become distributor/reseller.


We invite you to visit our distributors’ websites by clicking the links provided below. We only deal in large quantity bulk orders in Business to Customer dealings.


To experience the excellence of our products firsthand, we invite you to visit our trusted distributors’ websites listed below. These distributors/resellers have been carefully selected to ensure widespread availability, seamless purchasing experiences, and exceptional customer service. You can confidently rely on our distributors/reseller to provide you with access to our superior product line.


Country: USA
Market Reach: North/South America
Status: Reseller


Country: Hungary
Market Reach: Central Europe
Status: Reseller

corpshadow bizstore logo

CorpShadow Bizstore
Country: Canada
Market Reach: Global
Status: Global Distributor
"Supply Chain Partner"

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