Standard BFN5 Black Case

Protect your BFN5 board with BFCASE5BA. This is an aluminum anodized enclosure, offering both durability and a sleek finish. A unique feature is its SIM cutout at the front, alongside 7 SMA cutouts for diverse connectivity needs. Additionally, its design supports an internal SATA drive kit. With included screws, assembly becomes a breeze, ensuring your board and enclosure are securely integrated. Plus, its surface is conducive for port labelling and branding. For those seeking a streamlined rack solution, this enclosure is also fully compatible with RACKMount brackets. Enhance your BFN5 experience with this all-inclusive package.

Features Highlights

  • Compatible with BFN5 Boards
  • Screw set for enclosure and board assembly
  • Aluminum Anodized Enclosure
  • Port Labeling and Branding-friendly
  • SIM Cutout at the front, 7 x SMA Cutouts
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Introducing the CASE5BS, an advanced and highly customizable enclosure designed to provide even more flexibility in your deployments. Building upon the success of the CASE5BS model, the CASE5BA offers additional features to cater to a wider range of customization options.

Like its predecessor, the CASE4BS boasts a sleek and durable black aluminum anodized enclosure, ensuring a professional and robust appearance. The front of the enclosure includes a pinhole for easy access to the mode, power, and reset buttons, as well as LED indicators for power and HDD activity. Rubber feet are also included to ensure stability and prevent slippage.

What sets the CASE5BA apart is its enhanced customization options. It features four SMA cutouts specifically designed for antennas, allowing for reliable and efficient wireless communication. These cutouts enable you to connect external antennas to optimize signal strength and coverage based on your specific deployment requirements.

Additionally, the CASE5BA includes a SIM cutout at the front, offering increased flexibility in the deployment process. This SIM cutout allows for easy access and installation of a SIM card, making it ideal for applications that require cellular connectivity.

Assembly is straightforward, thanks to the included screws that facilitate the seamless integration of the board into the enclosure. The enclosure closure ensures a secure fit, protecting internal components against external elements and potential damage.

Designed to accommodate the BFN5 board, the CASE5BA maintains compatibility with this specific board model. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance, making it an ideal enclosure for your BFN5-based projects.

With its advanced features, including the additional SMA cutouts for antennas and the SIM cutout at the front, the CASE5BA offers heightened customization options and increased flexibility for your deployment needs. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or personal use, the CASE4BA delivers a superior level of customization and functionality, empowering you to create the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

Material Aluminum Anodized
Color Black
HDMI Cutout Yes
Front pin-hole Mode, Power, Reset
Ethernet Cutout 4 x Ethernet
Serial Cutout 1 x Rear Serial Port RJ45
Color Customization Available
Weight 359 grams
SIM Cutout Yes
SMA Cutout 7
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