RJ45 Console Cable

Connect effortlessly with the USB to RJ45 Console Cable. Spanning 1.8m and available in sleek black or vibrant blue, this cable is embedded with the FTDI FT232RL chip, ensuring reliable performance. Specifically designed for compatibility with BFN Series Boards, including the BFN4, it’s your go-to solution for seamless connections.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Colors: Available in black or blue.
  • Optimal Length: 1.8m for flexibility and reach.
  • Premium Chip: Contains FTDI FT232RL for consistent performance.
  • BFN Series Compatibility: Perfect fit with BFN4 and other BFN boards.
  • USB to RJ45 Interface: Ensures smooth and easy connectivity.
  • Reliable Chipset: Based on FT232RL

Introducing the BFFTDICON, a seamless connector tailored for tech enthusiasts and professionals. With the reliability of FTDI FT232RL at its core, this 1.8m RJ45 to USB2 cable ensures effortless connections. Whether you’re on MAC OS, Windows, or Linux, our drivers have got you covered. Designed to excel, it’s not just any cable; it’s your go-to solution for installing OS and gaining console access exclusively to BFN series boards. Dive into a seamless integration experience with BFFTDICON.

Download Driver from the following link:
VCP Drivers – FTDI (ftdichip.com)

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