SSD Fixation Kit

Enhance the storage capacity of your Boingfire systems with our SSD Fixation Kit tailored for BFN Series Systems. This kit is a seamless solution for installing an internal 2.5-inch SSD drive, ensuring your system runs smoother and faster. Measuring 1527310mm, the kit comes with a pure aluminum N129X fixation bracket that guarantees sturdy and secure installation.

Key Features:
  • Tailored fit for BFN Series Boingfire systems.
  • High-quality pure aluminum N129X fixation bracket.
  • Comprehensive kit with all necessary spacers and screws for easy installation.
  • Ideal for upgrading with a 2.5-inch SSD for enhanced performance and storage.
  • A sturdy and reliable design ensures long-term usage.


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The kit includes high-quality spacers and screws to ensure a perfect fit and easy assembly. With two M2x5.5×3 spacers (without mini PCIe card), two M2x4.5×3 spacers (with mini PCIe card), two M3x12x6 spacers, and three M3x5 screws, you’ll have everything you need to upgrade your storage setup effortlessly.

Invest in a reliable and durable solution to meet your growing storage needs. Whether for personal or professional use, this SSD Fixation Kit will significantly uplift your Boingfire system’s performance, making data access faster and operations more efficient.

Extend your system’s potential with this SSD Fixation Kit, and experience a noticeable performance boost as you securely accommodate an internal SSD drive in your Boingfire system

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